Weekend Trip to Prague

Two or three days are not really enough to cover the whole experience of Prague. But still most of the tourists coming to the capital city of the Czech Republic only stay a few days. Prague is worth more than a few days. But we are trying to figure out what you should do and try in Prague if you only have a few days for your stay. Prague has about 1.3 million inhabitants. Important for you if you only stay for a few days are of course sightseeing tours. We highly recommend to use one of these tours to explore Prague in a fast and efficient way. Because if you have done a sightseeing tour, you can choose the things you are interested in and get a better overview about the things. Prague has a great cultural history, you will see breathtaking historic sights and buildings. And of course also the museums, galleries and theatres are worth a visit. Have a varied stay in the captial city of the Czech Republic and enjoy your vacation in Prague.