Celebrate the New Year in Prague

Differnt to many cities in southern Europe you can not only celebrate the New Year but also enjoy a a spectacular firework.

    Unique fireworks on the 1st of January in Prague

    In fact, Prague is a city to celebrate. This is especially true for the new year. For a trip to Prague on New Year's Eve, however, you should start planning early enough. Because the best bars and clubs in Prague are quickly booked up. Anyone planning a trip to Prague on New Year's Eve may have to party outdoors.

    New Year's Eve parties under the open sky

    The Ring of the Old Town is the most popular meeting place on New Year's Eve in Prague. In addition to the "Staroměstské náměstí", Wenceslas Square ("Václavské náměstí") is one of the popular destinations during the night of 31 December to 1 January. However, there are many tall houses in the historical center of Prague. Therefore you do not see the fireworks very well. But then you can quickly be back in a bar or in a nightclub in the area.

    In these places, however, it is tight and it is incredibly busy. Therefore, people who are claustrophobic or afraid of their clothes due to stains of champagne or wine may not visit these places.

    There is also a lot of excitement on the Charles Bridge. The advantage of a New Year's Eve on the Charles Bridge in Prague, however, is that you have a good view of the fireworks from the bridge. The big fireworks on New Year's Eve are lit on the hills above the Vltava River valley. They enlighten the famous Hradschin Castle.

    New Year's Eve experience by boat

    On the bridges of the Modlau, of course, the fireworks display in the night in Prague is good to see. You have more peace and, indeed, an equally good view of the fireworks, if you take a boat trip on the Vltava river. Of course, also for the tour by boat, you should book in advance. There is limited space on the boats. This in turn has the advantage that you do not have to celebrate tightly constrained. The providers offer here boat trips of several hours. On board the boat is of course provided for entertainment. Some boat trips are accompanied by live music or by a DJ.

    Fireworks for families on 1 January

    The real highlight in Prague, however, is not December 31st at night. The big spectacle with a breathtaking firework will be offered by the city on 1 January at 18 clock. The place for the fireworks is the Letná plain.

    Reserve a place in a bar or restaurant!

    Those who arrive late have almost no chance in Prague. A table should be reserved for the night at least in a bar or a restaurant. Also banquets, which take place in theaters, are to be booked like that. If you want to close one of the closed parties just before New Year's Eve, you will often hear "sold out" at the ticket office.

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