Events in the Vienna Stadthalle

Big events in Vienna are mostly in the »Stadthalle« in Vienna. Most big rockstars and popstars have concerts there.

    Vienna »Stadthalle«: Place for Big Events

    The »Vienna Stadthalle« is the place for big events in Austria. It is the largest event location in the country. Most of the big popstars and rockstars have their concerts there. Nearly all of the international stars have been in the Vienna »Stadthalle«. (Literally translated it would be »Vienna City Hall« but it has nothing to do with the government of Vienna. This is why we do not use a translation for the name of the location.)

    Because the »Vienna Stadthalle« is the biggest indoor event location in Austria it became the location for the Eurovision Song Contest in the year 2015. Austria hosted the Eurovision Song Contest in the year 2015 because the austrian artist »Conchita Wurst« won the contest in the year 2014 in Copenhagen.

    The »Vienna Stadthalle« was built in the years 1954 to 1958. The architect was Roland Rainer. The place behind the »Vienna Stadthalle« was named after him. This is the reason, why the »Vienna Stadthalle« has the Roland Rainer Place as adress. The city administration of Vienna announced the project in 1952. At that time a competition of architects took place.

    Sports: Ice Skating and Swimming

    Not only halls for events are in the »Vienna Stadthalle«. There is also an area for indoor ice skating and a swimming hall which reaches international sports standards for international competitions. In the »Vienna Stadthalle« until the year 2009 also the indoor soccer tournament of Austria took place. The traditional viennese soccer club »First Vienna FC 1894« won the latest tournament in the year 2009.

    Countless Pop-Concerts an Top-Acts in »Vienna Stadthalle«

    Most of the big indoor events in Austria with international top acts and topstars take place in the »Vienna Stadthalle«. There are great stars every year in the halls of the »Vienna Stadthalle«. Tickets can be bought for a good price at the website of WIEN TICKET (Literally: »Vienna Ticket«). The special thing about that is: You can enjoy »Free Print at Home« for many events. This saves money, because they do not take extra fees for booking. So, if you want to go to a concert in the »Vienna Stadthalle« get your ticket at WIEN TICKET, they have a german and an english language website.

    Link: »WIEN TICKET« special page about »Vienna Stadthalle«, Hall D (English Version)

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