Tickets for Visitors in Vienna

Tickets for visitors in Vienna are available in editions for 24, 48 oder 72 hours. Inclusive is not only public transport.

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Vienna-Card or Shoppingticket for Vienna

The »Wiener Linien« (Literally: Vienna Lines) are the public transportation authority of Vienna. They offer special tickets for guests and tourists in Vienna. Of course you can also take a normal ticket for transportation in Vienna as the locals do. The special tourist tickets are with added value for free entries in different tourist attractions. The usual tickets are not so relevant for tourists who want so see the sights of Vienna. There are two typical tourist tickets:

  • The »Wien Karte« (Literally: Vienna Card)
  • The »Einkaufsticket« (Literally: Shopping Ticket)

Vienna-Card for 24, 48 oder 72 hours

The most popular form of the ticket for guests are the timebased tickets of »Wiener Linien«. They are valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours from the date of validation for all public transport of Wiener Linien in Vienna. This applies, of course, in addition to the subways to the S-Bahn trains, trams and buses.

Two things are particularly important about these tickets: The tickets are transferable, so you can pass them on to friends or family members. And, in addition, a person up to the age of 15 can be brought along for free with the ticket. For example, while father and daughter enjoy the theme park »Vienna Prater«, mother and son can move through the shopping streets of the city of Vienna. Although the children must be under 15 years old, in this way guests in the city of Vienna can get by on a single ticket.

In addition, there are further reductions in other facilities for 24, 48 or 72 hours for the "Vienna Card" season tickets. With the Vienna Card "Vienna City Card" tourists in Vienna not only have free use of public transport but also over 200 benefits for various facilities in the city of Vienna. From museums to the magnificent imperial palace of Schönbrunn, numerous offers for holders of the Vienna Card are reduced.

The Viennese shopping ticket

The cheapest ticket for a day is the shopping ticket. However, this ticket is not valid for a full 24 hours, but for one day in the period from 08:00 to 20:00. It is therefore thought to be effortless to go shopping with the help of public transport across Vienna.

Normal tickets for Vienna

In addition to the typical tickets for tourists in Vienna, every visitor to the city can also solve a normal ticket. The difference is, above all, that these tickets are cheaper, but usually have no perks in cultural institutions and similar attractions in Vienna. So you can buy normal tickets for a single trip or time tickets for 24, 48 or 72 hours. The 8-day card or a weekly ticket can also be bought for Vienna.

All of these normal colors are available at selected locations or at the ticket vending machines in the city. Single tickets can also be bought at a ticket vending machine in the trams or in the buses.

Buy a ticket in Vienna

The tickets can be bought on the Wiener Linien website at There are also vending machines in public transport. Note that these machines are available on most buses and trams. If you use the subway, you will need to cancel a ticket before entering the subway. The ticket vending machines can be found at the entrances of the subway stations.

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