Ride without a Valid Ticket?

Taking a tour in Vienna with public transport without a valid ticket is an expensive way to discover the city of Vienna.

  • Ticket inspection, inspector id card and electronic inspection Vienna © Wiener Linien / Thomas Jantzen

Without a valid ticket through Vienna

Simple to say: No. There are two different reasons. First is, that the Vienna Public Transport Authority has about 100 ticket inspectors every day in the different busses, trams and underground lines. Second is, it is very expensive if they catch you without a valid ticket. There are ticket inspections inside the busses and trams as well as inside the trains of the underground lines. But also if you leave an underground line in Vienna, you are not on the safe side. There are also inspections at the entrys of the stations to the underground lines in Vienna.

If this happens, the station is surrounded by the ticket inspectors. There will be no way out of the station without meeting one of them. You can see such a situation on the picture above. The second picture in this article shows you the id-card of a ticket inspector. And you can also see that the public transport authority equipped them with electronic ticket validation machines.

Penalty fare: More than 100 Euros

If you are on the way without a valid ticket and you get catched by the ticket inspector, it is going to be expensive for you. Because the penalty fare for driving in Vienna without a valid ticket is more than 100 Euros. This is about 50 times as much as a normal ticket price. And by the way, the normal ticket price for one fare is the most expensive way to use the public transport in Vienna. In relation to day passes or the Vienna Card for 24, 48 or 72 hours, the penalty is extremly high.

Where are ticket inspections?

There is a fun fact about the public transport system in Vienna. The company »Wiener Linien« does not only do the ticket inspections. They also provide a list of busses, trams and underground lines where they do the ticket inspections every week on the web. But of course this list is not complete. So you can not rely on it.

Picture-Credit: Wiener Linien / Thomas Jantzen

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