Parking only for Residentials

Since a few years there is a special parking restriction in Vienna. Very often the visitors are confused about these signs.

  • Penalty Ticket for Parking Wrong in Vienna © / rv

Parking in the Residential Zone

Be aware of the residential zone in Vienna if you come to the city with your car. There are many cars parking and you find a gap between two cars. It is a little confusing, but you might not be allowed to park your car here. This special sign in Vienna on the picture does not allow guests to park their cars.

The traffic sign in the picture says: Parking is not allowed here. Exception only for cars with a sticker for residentials in the district of Vienna. You can not buy the sticker if you are not a resident of the district in Vienna. Also there is an exception for people with disabilities. But to use that, you have to place an official disablity card behind the windshield of your car.

So not even the people in Vienna are allowed to use these parking spaces if they are not living in the same district. Our sample picture shows the traffic sign in the first district, the city center of Vienna.

Parking Restrictions in other Districts

These parking restrictions are also placed in other districs of Vienna. They are valid always for people who are not living in the specific district. There are parked cars all over. But still, if you find a gap between two of them, you are not allowed to park your car here.

Coming with a Car to Vienna...

It is not recommended to drive with a car to Vienna. But if you still want to, ask your hotel where you stay, for a garage. And if you come to Vienna for a day to go shopping, have a look if the shopping center has a garage for you. Spending a whole day in Vienna and coming with a car is not recommended but still possible. One of the best ways is to use a public garage or the »Park & Ride«-system in Vienna. At the »Park & Ride«-garages you will have direct connection to the public transport. So you can get out of your car there and switch to busses, tram or underground lines of the »Wiener Linien«.

Public Transport in Vienna