Simply Away Ticket by ÖBB

A weekend of free and leisure time? The »Einfach Raus«-Ticket by the austrian federal railway is an option. Starting at 34 euros.

    Group Ticket for 2 to 5 Persons

    With the »Einfach Raus«-Ticket (Literally: »Simply Out« or »Simply Away«) you can leave Vienna for some leisure time on the weekend or just for a day. You can be on the track for the whole day with only one ticket. The tickes is valid on all tracks of the austrian federal railway. The only thing is: You can not use the ticket in the fast and international trains. You can only ride the local regional trains of the austrian federal railway (ÖBB).

    Therefore the »Simply Away«-Ticket of the ÖBB is a great option for a weekend or even on a weekday. You ride out of the city for a great fare and you will be able to see many of the surroundings of Vienna. The ticket can also be used on working days.

    What can the »Simply Away«-Ticket do?

    It is a fully featured ticket for the whole network of the austrian federal railway. But the restriction is, you can use it only with local and regional trains. The ticket is valid on saturday, sunday and holidays starting at the beginning of the day until 3 o'clock in the morning of the next day. When you go on a working day with the »Simply Away«-Ticket, your ticket is valid starting on the day at 9 o'clock in the morning.

    Prices for the »Simply Away«-Ticket (Prices valid in 2017)

    • 2 Persons: 34,00 Euros
    • 3 Persons: 38,00 Euros
    • 4 Persons: 42,00 Euros
    • 5 Persons: 46,00 Euros

    The age of the passenger is irrelevant therefor. A person is a person. You can also add the bike option to take your bicycle with you, it is just a little more money to pay. But then you have the opportunity to see even more of the countryside around Vienna with a bike. The only restriction of this ticket is, you can use only the following trains on your ride:

    • Regional Train ("R" on the Schedule)
    • Regional Express Train ("REX" on the Schedule)
    • S-Train ("S" on the Schedule)

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