Gasometer Shopping Center

Shopping experience in a very special architectural shopping center. This is what you can expect from the Gasometer City.

    Shopping in the Gasometer City

    It is not the biggest shopping center in Vienna. And it is not close to the center. But still the »Gasometer City« is a popular meetingpoint especially for younger people. This is not because of the shopping opportunities, because the shops were reduced in the last years. This is due to some simple facts. First, there is a student hostel, this of course is a reason for many young people to come here. Second, there is a focus on music and entertainment in the Gasometer City. And the third reason is, that you can reach it easy and comfortable with the underground line U3.

    In the last few years the normal shops and stores were concentrated in the Gasometer Tower A. There are about 30 different shops with different opening hours. In the Tower B there is an institute for pop, jazz and electronic music. And in Tower C you will find the »Performing Arts Center Austria«. This became a talent factory for acting, singing and music.

    Change due to Competitive Pressure

    In fact, since the Gasometer City was opened, the shops there had problems finding customers. There were other shopping possibilities around the Gasometer on the shopping streets »Landstraßer Hauptstraße« and »Simmeringer Hauptstraße«. This was the main reason why the Gasometer City changed its strategy to a main focus on entertainment and music.

    The Gasometers were originally built in 1897 and were intended as huge gas containers for the city of Vienna. Since the supply of gas but was changed in the years from 1970, was slowly looking for a new use of the building. The gasometers are listed as historical monuments.

    Facts about the Gasometer City

    Optimal accessibility: subway line "U3", station "Gasometer"


    Opening hours shopping center Gasometer

    There are no general opening times in the shopping center Gasometer, the individual shops have opened differently. Of course, the large entertainment area is also open at unusual times.

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