Horseriding around and in Vienna

Also the capital city of Austria, Vienna, offers some riding stables and horse farms to go for horseback riding even in the city.

    With the horse trough the city...

    Well, no. Of course you can not do horseback riding in the citycenter of Vienna or around the historic sights. But Vienna has large space of green land, wood and grass. And this is the reason why you can even go hoseback riding in the second district of Vienna just a few minutes ago from the city center. But it is not allowed to go to the historic city center with a horse.

    Not only in imperial times the horse did play an important role in Vienna. Of course, the splendidly decorated horse-drawn carriage of the imperial family used to be a special attraction in the city. However, Vienna can proudly claim to be one of the cities with the largest green areas in relation to the total area. So it is not surprising that riding schools and riding clubs have established themselves in the city of Vienna.

    Several riding schools in the city of Vienna

    For riders there is also an offer in the city of Vienna. The numerous green areas of the city of Vienna, which are thousands of hectares of forest and meadows, also offer riders a special pleasure to experience parts of the Austrian capital by horse. As can be seen in the picture, for example, in the Prater in the 2nd district of Vienna there are opportunities to use a riding arena. There is also one of the most famous riding clubs in Vienna its location.

    Riding in the outskirts of Vienna

    Also in the outskirts of Vienna, which sometimes have large forests and meadows, there are several providers for rides and of course for carriage rides. Of course, the possibilities are increasing, especially in the outskirts of the city. Those who do not want to go on horseback rides and who are allowed to ride the area in the Prater should look either to the west of the city (14th and 17th districts) or to the northeast of the city in the 22nd district. There are several riding schools and horse farms settled, which also allow more rides, for example, in the region of the Vienna Woods or the green belt around Vienna. (The green belt around Vienna is also a great place to go hiking, by the way.)

    Trip by horse-drawn carriage in Vienna

    Numerous riding schools and horse farms in the outskirts of the area also offer, of course, trips by coach, from excursions in the countryside to special events such as celebrations or weddings. However, a form of carriage ride in Vienna is of course especially popular with tourists: If you want to experience a carriage ride in the city, you should familiarize yourself with the Fiacres of Vienna. On RegioTours we have written a separate article. The Fiacres are the quite most known traditional way of carriage rides in the historic center of Vienna.

    Learn to ride a horse in Vienna

    From vaulting to dressage to show jumping, numerous offers are offered in the riding schools in Vienna. So you can not only ride horses, you can also learn how to ride or attend special courses.

    Riding lessons and horseback riding in Vienna.

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