Fees for the highway

Usage of motorways in Austria costs money. You have to pay a fee. Either to buy a sticker for your front window or online.

    Digital Vignette for Motorways since 2018

    In contrast to other countries in this region, Austria has only since 2018 created the possibility to pay the fees for the use of motorways digitally. Up to this period, so-called "vignettes" are necessary. These stickers must be installed on the windshield of the car. Since the year 2018, however, you can also make a digital payment and no need to attach stickers.

    10 Days, 2 Months or 1 Year

    There are three differend periods you can choose to pay the fee for the motorways in Austria. By 2018 the austrian corporation for the motorways (ASFINAG) startet a possibility to pay the fee also via online shop. If you buy it physically you have to get a sticker. This sticker has to be put on the inner side of your front window in the car. If you choose the one year fee, you can use is up to 14 months. The one year fee is valid from december 1 in the previous year to january 31 in the following year.

    Fees for the Motorway in Austria

    Cars and motor driven vehicles up to 3.5 tons of maximum weight have different prices compared to motorcycles. Trolleys do not use the fees with the Vignette. Trolleys have to have a digital box and pay the fee according to the usage of motorways in Austria. So their fee depends on the amount of kilometers they go.

    Prices for the Motorway Vignette (2018)

    • Cars
      • Cars for 10 days: € 9,00
      • Cars for 2 months: € 26,20
      • Cars for 1 year: € 87,30
    • Motorcycles
      • Motorcycles for 10 days: € 4,50
      • Motorcycles for 2 months: € 11,50
      • Motorcycles for 1 year: € 30,50

    Additionally to those fees there are some parts of motorways in Austria, especially tunnels, which require an additional fee to pay. Those fees can be paid right on the place before entering the section of the motorway. You can also pay them in the online shop of the motorway company in Austria, which is available also in english or other languages like czech, hungarian or slovakian language.

    Link: ASFINAG Online-Shop

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