Buy a Parking Voucher in Vienna

Parking vouchers for a car are available in tobacco stores and post offices. But in the evening, you have to use a vending machine.

    Parking Vouchers and Fee for Parking in Vienna

    Within the inner districts of Vienna you have to use a parking voucher for your car. The parking fee is depending on the time you want to stay at a parking space. You have to use a parking voucher only for the time, when a parking voucher in your area is needed. In the districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 you have to have a parking voucher on monday to friday between 9 am and 10 pm. This is necessary only on working days, not on holidays.

    To be sure: Ask someone around you!

    On the parking voucher you use a ballpoint not a pencil. You are not allowed to use something that can be errased or deleted. You mark with a cross the day and the time of your arrival.

    Colors and Pricing for Parking Vouchers in Vienna

    Besides the 15 minutes parking voucher there are also other parking vouchers for Vienna. The 15 minutes voucher is free of charge. But you can only use it one time and not put more than one of them behind the windshield. The free 15 minutes voucher is purple color. The other parking vouchers are in different colors. The prices are state 2018.

    • Red Parking Voucher: 30 Minutes (1,05 Euros)
    • Blue Parking Voucher: 1 Hour (2,10 Euros)
    • Green Parking Voucher: 1,5 Hours (3,15 Euros)
    • Yellow Parking Voucher: 2 Hours (4,20 Euros)

    There is no value added tax on parking vouchers in Austria.

    Where to put and how to fill out the Parking Voucher?

    The parking voucher must be placed visible behind your windshield inside your car. Be careful when closing the door of your car. If you parking voucher falls down or gets invisible because of the wind, you might have to pay a penalty fee. Parking tickets are only necessary for cars. You do not use a parking ticket for motorbikes or bicycles.

    You have to mark with a cross the following fields on the parking voucher:

    • Month
    • Day
    • Hours
    • Minute (00 | 15 | 30 | 45)
    • Year

    When a quarterly hour already began, you can leave it out. Except for the last quarterly hour on a day, where a parking ticket is necessary. Some samples to explain this:

    • You arrive at 9:25 am: You mark with a cross on your parking voucher 9:30 am.
    • You arrive at 5:06 pm: You mark with a cross on your parking voucher 5:15 pm (17:15)
    • You arrive at 9:48 pm in the evening in an area where parking vouchers are necessary till 10 pm: You mark with a cross on your parking ticket 9:45 pm (21:45).

    Using more than one Parking Vouchers at one time?

    If you have for example 2 red parking voucher. They are both valid for 30 minutes. But you want to stay a full hour with your car. Take both parking vouchers and fill them out with the same time of your arrival. Place them behind the windshield of your car. Be careful that both parking tickets are visible. An example to explain this.

    Right way to do: You arrive at 10:25 am, you mark with a cross on both red vouchers the time of 10:30. You can stay then until 11:30.

    Wrong way to do: You arrive at 10:25 am, you take one of the tickets and mark with a cross 10:30. And you take the other ticket and mark with a cross 11:00.

    Where can I buy Parking Vouchers in Vienna?

    During the Day

    While shops are open, you can buy parking tickets in tobacco shops and post offices. You can also buy them at a selling point for bus- oder underground tickets with "Wiener Linien". And you can buy them in the office of the government. Most people buy the parking tickets during the day in a tobacco shop, because there is always one around you. If you arrive in the evening and the shops are closed, you have to use a vending machine for your parking ticket.

    In the Evening...

    When shops close and the post office is closed, you buy a parking ticket on a vending machine. Some cigar vending machines offer parking tickets. But this is a bit difficult. You need and Austrian banking card to verify your age to use a cigar vending machine. Even if you are not buying cigarettes. Because the cigar vending machines refuse to take any money without verification of your age. But you might not have an Austrian banking card. In this case ask for the next station of the underground railways around you. Because you can buy parking tickets also on many ticket vending machines for bus tickets and tram tickets.

    Link: Places on the street map where parking vouchers are sold in Vienna (English Version)

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