Ice skating in the centre of Vienna

Since 1996, an ice skating rink has been set up in front of Vienna's City Hall, offering an ever-increasing range of activities.

    "Vienna's Ice Dream" - ice skating in the city centre

    It all started with the idea, which was turned into reality in 1996. An ice rink was to be built in the heart of Vienna in the city's first district. An entertainment and sports programme for the winter, this offer was to be made in addition to the existing ice skating club. The ice rink was built directly in front of the Vienna City Hall. Over the years, the offer became more and more extensive.

    History of the ice rink in front of the City Hall

    In 1996, an ice skating rink was built in front of Vienna City Hall for the first time. The large area opposite the Burgtheater in Vienna was used for this purpose. The ice rink had an area of 1,800 square meters. Already in the first year, about 230,000 guests came and enjoyed the pleasure. In 1997, the City of Vienna launched a school campaign to make it more attractive for children as well. Soon after, in addition to the usual ice rink, there was also disco music and entertainment as well as light shows. Then in 2004 came the show stage on the ice. Well-known artists and disc jockeys ensured a good atmosphere among the now 380,000 guests.

    Since 2005, the ice rink near Vienna City Hall is no longer a simple skating rink. Numerous paths a few meters wide now lead through the Rathauspark. Guests can skate among the trees and fountains in the park. The park is also romantically illuminated, the whole thing has become a real highlight for Vienna.

    20th anniversary with "City-Skyliner

    In 2015, guests were taken up to a height of over 70 meters on the "City-Skyliner". From there, they were offered an impressively beautiful view over the City Hall Square. The event attracted 700,000 guests that year.

    The next major expansion followed in 2019, when Vienna built the first mobile ice skating rink on two floors. Via a 120 metre long ramp, guests at Rathausplatz can ride their skates directly onto the roof of the ticket office building and skate up there on around 1,000 square meters. In 2022, the offer was enlarged once again. There are now 9,500 square meters of ice surface for skating. In addition, the City of Vienna has purchased a new ticketing system for it. This makes it possible to buy tickets in advance on the internet. Ice skates can be rented on site in various sizes. However, a deposit must be paid.

    Tip for the deposit: Actually, about 50 euros are required. But if you don't have enough money with you, you can also pay on site with an ID card. Instead of the 50 euros, you leave the ID as security with the rental company.

    You can book skates and lockers in advance on the internet or buy them at the ticket office. Only with the appropriate ticket should you then go to the skate hire shop and get a key for the cloakroom. The first way is always to the ticket office for all those who have not booked online.

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